Day 17 ~ 21 Days of Prayer

Here are Pastor Lorenzo’s talking points for this morning’s prayer devotion.


All vision from God is about people!
For God so loved the world He gave His only Son – The Person given for the people.
When we ask God for fresh vision, we’re asking Him for more people!
The question then becomes, “What do we do with more people?”

John 21
Feed my sheep – duty and responsibility. Instruction. Adult sheep.
Feed my lambs – caring, intentional, attention lavished. Baby sheep.
Established and new – past and present.
Now, into the future!

Fresh vision: supernatural must become the new normal.
Dreams fulfilled: supernatural fruit must be manifest.
Making a difference: supernatural influence must be felt.

This next season is all about people:
Small Groups!
Sunday Worship Experiences!

Pray for:
God’s supernatural ability for all of Summit to reach, raise and release people.
Taking personal responsibility, like Peter, to feed God’s sheep and lambs: reach, raise, release.

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