Day 1 — Let’s Do This!

Good Morning, Friends!  You are off to a good start.  Press in to God.  Pray.  Take time to listen to Him.  Worship Him.  And remember to read His Word.  Let’s Do this together and with God.


Dusty Bibles lead to dirty lives.  It is a matter of time.  You need the Word every Day.  You need to brush your teeth every day and you need the Word every day.  You need a drink of water every day and you need the Word of God every day.  Jentezen Franklin

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  1. María Lourdes Molina (Lulu)

    It was a great start!!! Praying together at the sanctuary felt really powerful… I would also like ro thank you for the prayer guide. Definitely our spiritual success, as well as the spiritual failures are indissolubly related with our prayer life. Thank you for the encourage to live a prayer life.

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