Day 13– We Are His Gifts

Marie Dudrey shared today’s devotion.

What are some of the things in life that weigh us down… the things that can rob us of our joy? Here are a few things that might come to mind… jobs, family, being a parent, being a spouse, relationships with all people, finances, suffering, experiences from our past, unforgiveness, regret… In these times, there is something we need to remember… WE ARE HIS GIFT. We need to be confident in who we are because of who He is. For many of us it’s easy to say who God is – we see it all throughout the Bible. But how often do you think of who YOU are because of who He is?

For any of us that have had children, it’s an unexplainable love and joy. And with your first child, it’s overwhelming because it’s a love you’ve never felt before. Our verse today is Psalm 127:3 – “Children are a heritage from the Lord, offspring a reward from him.” A reward. Some days we might not feel like our kids are rewards… and sometimes we, also, don’t act like we’re the reward that God thinks we are. The thing that is most important to me on the planet is that my kids would KNOW that they are a reward… not just to me but more importantly, to their Father in Heaven. But you know what? You can’t teach something you don’t grasp yourself…

Let’s talk about YOU – you’re the reward of heaven. No matter what comes our way, how we view ourselves and our trust and faith in Him is what can keep us from falling into despair. It also determines our response to what comes up against us. And things will come up. For some of us, LOTS of things… we can blame the prince of darkness that lurks around like a lion. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” – John 10:10. What gives you fullness? We seek relationships and things to “fill us up” but only He can truly satisfy your deepest longing.

The most important relationship in our lives is our relationship with Jesus Christ. Out of that relationship and how we view ourselves determines what flows out in our responses and reactions to things – how we deal with life’s trials. So wouldn’t you want to know what He thinks of you? We get so concerned about what people think of us… we should be more concerned about how much God loves us.

God wants you to believe Him, to trust Him and to be secure in who you are in Him. To embrace the knowledge in knowing you are His gift. Children are a gift to us, just like we are a gift to God.

Pray for an overwhelming sense of who you are – truth that only comes from knowing Him and accepting what He says about you. Pray that each one of our kids at Summit would be raised with the knowledge that they are a true gift – that their identity is in Jesus Christ, above all else. Once we grasp that and infuse that into the next generation, we can release young adults on fire for the Lord because the authentically believe that they are a GIFT from HEAVEN.
If you would like to study God’s word about the true identity of who you are, please review the following document by searching “My Identity in Christ.”




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