Day 6 ~ 21 Days of Prayer


Enjoy this devotion shared by Brady Wright, Director of Small Groups at Summit Church, Centennial, Colorado

We Are The Church

Did you know that the Bible says the Church is the Body of Christ?


The world has a way of describing the Church as a wimpy organization that can no longer make a difference. In reality Jesus tells us that “whomever believes in me will do the works I have been doing. And they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father” (John 14:12 NIV). The world is so full of addiction, racism, and persecution that many people ask the question “where is God?” The answer is God has sent the Church. WE ARE THE CHURCH! There is not anything we cannot accomplish together through Christ! The next time you think to yourself somebody should help that person, let that person be you! WE ARE THE CHURCH! The local Church is the hope of the world and you are the rock on which Christ has built His Church. We shall shine like a city on a hill, and make believers of all nations one person at a time. WE ARE THE CHURCH! There are statistics that say Denver is in the top five unchurched cities in the country. What if the Church rallied together, and said not our city! Do we have enough faith to make a difference? Do you? Let’s make a decision to never let our comfort keep us from reaching a hurting person. Amazing miracles are birthed out of uncomfortable faith. Never let your lack of faith determine another’s salvation. Jesus tells us to go out. He fills us with confidence. Our country will have an awakening, because WE ARE THE CHURCH!  Join us at Summit Church in praying for the Big C Church as we partner together to make Jesus famous in America! God Bless You!


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